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Doll Pantaloons for small dolls 5 inches tall

$2.75 each (one unit) Doll Height 5 inches tall Doll Waist 2 1/2 – 3 inches around Length from waist to hem is 2 1/4 inches long Made to fit the dolls pictured below Cotton with vintage-looking trim Elastic waist Made in the USA from my own patterns $2.75 each   Modeled by: 5″ tall [...]


Doll Tights for Tiny Dolls 5 inches tall

Doll Tights $2.25 each (one unit) Colour : BlackRedWhiteYellowBluePink Doll Height: 5 inches tall Doll Waist: 2.25 – 3 inches around For the dolls pictured below Made of 40 Denier Nylon Tricot Not much give to this fabric May not fit dolls of the same height $2.75 each Doll Tights Made to fit: 5″ tall [...]


Doll Slip 1 3/4 inches long – a Can Can Slip for Dolls

Doll Slip $2.50 each (one unit) 1 3/4 inches long from waist to hem Doll Waist measurement: 2-3 inches around May fit other dolls with a waist of 2-3 inches around Will not fit a doll with a waist bigger than 3 inches around Made of a non-raveling polyester or nylon semi-sheer organdy Lace may [...]


Doll Panties Size FD5XSmall Tiny Dolls 4-7 inches tall

Tiny Doll Panties $1.70 each (one unit) Color : WhiteRedYellowBlackBlueGreenLilacPinkBright PinkHot Pink Doll’s Height 4-7″ tall Doll’s Waist 2 1/4-2 3/4″ around 15 denier semi sheer nylon Sizes are my classifications and not industry standard $1.70 each   Made to fit: 4″ Strawberry Shortcake Baby 4″ Zapf Mini Baby Born 14 cm (approx 5″) Blue [...]


Doll Socks for tiny dolls 5-6 inches tall

Doll socks for 5-6 inch tiny dolls shown below $1.15 each pair Color : WhiteRedYellowBlueGreenLilacPinkBright PinkHot Pink Made to fit the tiny dolls pictured below Semi-Sheer 15 Denier Nylon Tricot Trimmed with lace Lace may vary from what is pictured $1.15 each pair   Doll socks made to fit: 5″ Remco Heidi and 4″ Heidi’s [...]


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